Magazine report


June Parish Magazine

The Annual Parish Meeting introduced Maxine Kennedy of Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm.  It was a shock to learn that, although no one plans for dementia, one in three of us will develop dementia, and it is now the number one killer.  The aim of the Project is to be proactive by recognising the diversity of individuals with dementia and their carers, promoting inclusion in all areas of community life and respecting individual’s decisions and life choices.  It recognises that you cannot change a person with dementia, but you can change their experiences within their community.

This is achieved through direct work with about 70 families; work within the community; encouraging and supporting families, providing a point of contact for families, businesses and agencies; running public awareness sessions; and running a diary of events, including afternoon tea, gentle exercise group, arts & crafts, shared reading and community singing.  More details are available on Facebook.

Diptford Parish is covered by South Brent and District Caring, and co-ordinator Jane Sullivan introduced herself.

Local Groups submitted reports to the Annual Parish Meeting, and it was heartening to learn what a vibrant community Diptford enjoys:

  • Tree Warden Beverley Sugden reported on the importance of hedgerow trees and the need to replace trees following ash dieback
  • Beverley and Carole Partridge reported on the planting programme for the Circle in the Square – thank you for making the village look so colourful and attractive
  • Neighbourhood Watch highlighted the continuing stream of crimes in the area, together with a growing list of phone and email scams, including a break-in at Creber, fake Lloyds Bank letters, spoof Amazon order email confirmations, rogue traders, replacement window cold callers and tool/knife doorstep sharpeners. Police alerts are displayed on the Diptford village website – please let co-ordinators know of any suspicious activity
  • Short Mat Bowls continues to meet every Wednesday evening in the Parish Hall, and new members are welcome. The Club has been involved in a bewildering number of tournaments and raised funds for Devon Air Ambulance
  • The Computer Club meets in the Parish Hall from 10am to midday every Wednesday and provides an invaluable support service.
  • Diptford Village Hall manages to make a small profit while keeping charges low in order to attract local groups. It really is a focal point for the community.
  • The Playing Field Group report arrived too late for the Meeting, but it is worth mentioning their achievements. Over the year, they have helped at the Diptford Fete & Horticultural Show and the Gymkhana; the Parish Boundary Walk raised funds, with thanks to James Hill for running the event and the WI for teas; the wooden activity frame was repaired and TAP funding contributed to the new £4200 climbing facility. Future plans include repairs to the shelter roof, replacing the tennis net and post, and replacing wooden steps – which will hopefully be achieved with a £600 donation from the WI.

The Annual Parish Meeting followed, in which John Foster was re-elected Chairman and responsibilities within the Parish Council were confirmed.

Only one planning application, relating to the extension of the permission at Marley Thatch Solar Farm by a further five years, which received a neutral response.

Your new County Councillor Richard Hosking introduced himself.  He will follow up complaints about illegal waste tipping at Cockwells Nursery (near Bluepost) and the possibility of bollards at the approach to Gara Bridge (which has been damaged yet again, a month after it was last repaired) to restrict speeds and vehicle sizes.

Highway Maintenance Community Enhancement Funding of £1020 has been received towards the community lengthsman service, and match funding is being sought.  If there are any highway issues needing attention, please let the Clerk know.

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 13 June at 7.30pm, when the financial statement for the last year will be discussed.  Agenda and Minutes are displayed on the noticeboard and website,