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August Parish Magazine


Backfield, Diptford was the focus of attention at the start of the July Parish Council Meeting, as the owner presented her development concept for the land.  Eighteen members of public attended the meeting, and expressed concern at the increase in traffic along the narrow lane and the principle of development outside the village envelope.

Parishioners attending the meeting took the opportunity to identify a number of unauthorised developments in the Parish, and this demonstrates how important local input is in relation to planning enforcement.  Unauthorised development should be reported online at

County Councillor Richard Hosking has three other Parish Council Meetings to visit on the same evening as Diptford, so submitted a report in case he failed to get around all of them! The Report gives some useful links:

  • National Carers week in early June focused attention on those who care for dependents in our community. The County have a wide range of support that can be provided to carers. Should you know anyone in your Parish who may be struggling to care for a loved one please let us know or encourage them to contact Care Direct at Devon County Council or 0345 1551 007or for information visit
  • Reporting problems with our roads is now relatively easy through the website This is now the most reliable method of getting problems assessed and quickly repaired where they are a safety defect.
  • For a map showing roadworks across Devon the website is

He has Locality Budget funding for 2017/18 of £10,000 across 12 Parishes.  Proposals for funding should be raised at the Parish Council Meeting, or call Cllr Hosking direct to discuss your project on 01752 690775, email Richard.Hosking@Devon.Gov.UK

Planning Applications – Parish Council recommendations are given in bold below:

  • Householder application for extension to existing dwelling at Omaka, Nr Diptford Ref 1969/17/HHO Neutral
  • Listed Building Consent to replace casement windows on the south & west elevations at Broadmead, Diptford Ref 2014/17/LBC Support
  • Use of land for siting a timber chalet as accommodation for a key worker in support of an equine breeding business for an initial period of 3 years (Re-submission of withdrawn application 0355/17/FUL) at Farleigh Meadows, Diptford Ref 2012/17/FUL, and Variation of condition 3 of planning consent 17/1854/11/F to allow stables to be used for an equine business at Farleigh Meadows, Diptford Ref 2267/17/VAR Unsuitable location on steep slope with no basic services to support a breeding business, such as electricity or water; Increased traffic along narrow lanes for visiting vets, farriers, feed deliveries etc; Unenforceable agreement with DCC Highways that customers would not visit the site; One of a series of applications with the aim of enabling the applicant to live on the site.

The Diptford Parish Clerk job vacancy is still available, and is a great opportunity for someone who needs the flexibility of working part time from home.  The salary is from £2100 – £2613pa, depending on qualifications and experience, and is based on 4 hours per week, including one evening meeting per month.  Training is available, expenses paid and a laptop and printer provided.  If you are interested, please contact the Parish Clerk at

Planning Guidance for the South Devon AONB was presented at a meeting attended by your Chairman John Foster.  The document, available at, looks pretty impressive – but is only guidance, with no legal status.

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 8 August at 7.30pm.  Agenda and Minutes are displayed on the noticeboard and website,