Magazine report


May 2018 magazine article 

There have been three meetings in the past month. They started with the Annual Parish Meetingon 24 April. This is an opportunity for all local community groups, charities and public organisations to share their work and ask questions. The Parish Council is very grateful to all the speakers, especially the representatives from the Primrose Trail who told us all about their work trying to get a path from Kingsbridge to Dartmoor. Full notes from all the speakers are available in the minutes of the meeting on the Parish Council website.

Then, the Parish Council had their Annual Parish Council meeting to elect officers for this year, (the local Council year runs from May – April). Cllr John Foster was re-elected as Chairman and Cllr Sue Franklin was re-elected as Vice-Chair. Next year all the Parish Councillors will be up for election and there will be an opportunity for local residents to stand as Parish Councillors. Please do consider supporting your local community in this way.

The following members were appointed to serve on Committees and outside bodies:

Committee/Outside body 2018/9 Members
Village Hall Committee Cllr Hill
P3 liaison Cllr Parker-Davidson
GDPR liaison Cllr Parker-Davidson
Diptford Community Fund Cllrs Baggott & Lethbridge
Community Lengthsman liasion Cllr Crocker

The Parish Council will continue to meet in the Village Hall on the second Tuesday of the month – except in August when the meeting will move to accommodate holidays.

There were two planning applications considered at the May Parish Councilmeeting.

1226/18/PDM  Old Barn, Thornlands, (opposite Thorn Farm), Diptford, Devon, TQ9 7NF

Notification for prior approval for proposed change of use of agricultural buildings to dwelling house

No objectionsubject to concerns about the proximity of the soakaway to other properties and public highway.

1394/18/HHOAshwell House, Halwell, Devon, TQ9 7LB

Householder application for altering the tennis court to garden area with greenhouse, garden shed and raised planting beds. No objection

Negotiations are progressing with regard to a possible second defibrillator in Curtisknowle. There are a couple of options for its location.

All Councils are required to implement an annual independent internal Audit examination of its Accounts and accounting processes. The aim of the internal audit is to conclude whether a Council’s systems of financial and other internal controls are adequate and effective. The internal auditor found that Diptford Parish Council has sufficient systems of control in place which, as a result, supports the lowering of risk to the Council. There were no matters of concern.

The internal audit can be viewed on the Parish Council website. At the moment there is a problem with the website displaying adverts. However, that is going to be addressed shortly. The Clerk is going to update the website generally and put more notices on there. If you have any items of information which you would like to see on the website please contact the Clerk at 01752 873446.